How Do You Red Bean?

Red Beans and rice is all about tradition and community. As one of New Orleans number one comfort foods, it’s one of the best meals to eat with family and friends. In fact, if you ask any native New Orleanian who has the best red beans and rice in town, they will probably tell you it’s either their mother or grandmother – perhaps there’s also a friend that makes a killer pot and invites everyone over.

As all the home cooks are slow cooking their pot of red beans, so are the bars, diners, and corner restaurants. For those that don’t have time to soak their beans (or who forgot), there is always a spot around town to grab a bowl of the Monday favorite.

It’s no secret that I love red beans and rice. I want to make an ‘as authentic’ pot of red beans as I can while being outside of the Crescent City. To get the true flavor you have to be inside the city, right? So I started asking around. “How Do You Red Bean?” Everyone I asked not only shared what they put in their pot of red beans, but also shared where the best place in New Orleans is to get a bowl if you can’t make a pot at home. Each of the participants in my red bean questionnaire – which musician Paul Sanchez has called, “a uniquely New Orleans series” – offered different tips, ingredients, sides, what to eat with it and what they think of eating red beans on the traditional Monday.

Each of the following people has a great story to share. Everyone comes from different backgrounds. Not all of them were born in Southern Louisiana, but have adopted the famous Monday tradition. And with all the differences they bring to the table, one thing is the same: their love of red beans and rice on a Monday!

Join us around the table as they answer, “How Do You Red Bean?”

John Besh talks red beans and rice with Red Beans & Eric. He also shares his recipe!CHEF JOHN BESH

Growing up in southern Louisiana, John Besh was always around hunting, fishing, family and cooking. At age 9, Besh began helping in the kitchen and cooking for his siblings. After putting his own unique spin on the recipes he was cooking from, he was encouraged to continue to cook. {continue reading…}


Paul_Sanchez_1PAUL SANCHEZ

If you were into the rock and roll scene of the 1990’s you have probably heard of the band, Cowboy Mouth.  They had the catchy hit song, “Jenny Says” that played over and over on the radio all across the United States.  Paul Sanchez was one of the founding members of the band in 1990 and played with them up until 2006. {continue reading…}


There’s no greater smell than a pot of red beans and rice cooking on the stove. If you are in need of inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. This is the collection of red beans and rice recipes that I have shared here on the website.

Chef John Besh's Red Beans & Rice
Chef John Besh’s Red Beans & Rice

Angry Red Beans & Rice

Forgotten Red Beans & Rice

My Famous Red Beans & Rice

Pops Red Beans & Rice

Pride of New Orleans Red Beans & Rice


How Do You Red Bean?

Share your famous red beans and rice recipe with everyone!