I should start off by saying that I do not suffer from acid reflux or abdominal bloating or postnasal drips or a lump in the back of my throat. But by the end of reading THE ACID WATCHER DIET by Dr. Jonathan Aviv, I thought that I did – or at least some of the symptoms.

The reason I choose The Acid Watcher Diet to review – which I received the book for in exchange for an honest review – I wanted to read about the main part of it: the 28-day program that includes a meal plan with recipes.
The meal plan is separated into two sections, a healing phase, and a maintenance phase. Now the phases are meant as a way to heal your body with food if you suffer from acid reflux disease. The foods included in the meal plans are based on low acidic levels, clean eating, portion control, and those that “complete this 4-week phase report feeling rejuvenated, up to ten pounds lighter, and free of cravings or deprivation.” Once you go through the ‘healing phase’, you begin the ‘maintenance phase’ and make that your lifestyle from here on out. In this second phase, you start to reintroduce some foods that may have a higher acidic level, but in moderation. By choosing this healthy eating lifestyle, you’ll not only help rid the reflux symptoms but also reduce your cholesterol levels. Dr. Aviv also reported in the book that his patients have said that it “has diminished pain and symptoms of autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis.”

The Acid Watcher Diet is filled with excellent information on acid disruption and your diet. Dr. Aviv goes into what is acid damage and why we should fear it, the cancer connections, what you should know, how to heal acid damage, how proteins and fibers play a role, developing a pH savvy, breaking acid-generating habits and establishing acid-reduction practices.

Dr. Aviv knows his stuff. He’s a world-renowned physician, surgeon, educator, and author. The book is very well written and does not feel academic in any way. The information he shares is eye-opening, easy to follow, and can benefit everyone – if you suffer from acid reflux or not. After reading this book, and not having acid reflux, I can understand ways to prevent it so I’ll never have it.

It’s a great book, the meal plan is great, the recipes in it are easy to make and taste great. My only complaint is that the recipes in the meal plan don’t totally go together good. With that I mean, the grocery list I put together was enormous. I shouldn’t really need to buy four different types of green lettuce for four different meals. There would have been a lot of food waste. So, with that, I do recommend that you find the meals that you want to make, and maybe think of repeating that meal again during the week to make the groceries worth buying.

Like I mentioned earlier, I received The Acid Watcher Diet by Jonathan Aviv in exchange for an honest review, and I really enjoyed it.


2 thoughts on “COOKBOOK REVIEW: THE ACID WATCHER DIET by Dr Jonathan Aviv

  1. And I was just thinking about you Eric! This is my life for a few years now…..and goodness help us…. We only eliminate when it’s absolutely necessary…. It’s learning to put a little bicarbonate of soda into your tomato sauce.etc.
    I will definitely be looking out for this book…. Have you been to NOLA recently? I was supposed to be there for Jazz Fest! Conflict on that bu t soon I hope…. Well my young friend, hope all is well with and thanks again for another great ” Heads Up” will get th book ASAP! 🎈🎉🍹

    1. Hi, Margaret! I’ve been great here. The writing has slowed down a bit – it get harder to find time with the kids now that the baby is mobile.

      Our goal was to get down to New Orleans sometime during the summer when everyone is out of school. Hopefully it’ll happen.

      The books great for those that suffer from acid reflux and a great insight for those that don’t. I learned a lot.

      Good luck and thank you for the comment!

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