underground_culinary_tour_by_damian_mogaveroA book about food that was written by a restaurant software salesman. Damian Mogavero wrote THE UNDERGROUND CULINARY TOUR: How the New Metrics of Today’s Top Restaurants are Transforming How America Eats. The book explains how restaurants analyze point-of-sale data and how the owners make decisions based on that data; though the book doesn’t go deep into how they analyze the data, it’s still an interesting insight into the business side of the restaurant industry.

The book opens with the start of this metric system Mogavero created and how he wanted to bring it to the restaurant industry. The meat of the book is Mogavero traveling from one top restaurant to another – he’s visiting Danny Meyer, chef Tom Colicchio, Daniel Boulud, Geoffrey Zakarian, Wolfgang Puck, Bobby Flay, and many others.

It’s a fun read to somewhat experience what he went through while traveling to these amazing places and seeing a different side of the restaurant business, but there is no in-depth look in to what makes a restaurant a success based on his metric system. That must be one of the main drawbacks to this book – no lessons learned.

I thought, and was hoping, that the book would be more about how these restaurants were run, going deeper into the execution of the metric system, and more of a ‘how-to’ book, but Mogavero glossed over all of that and wrote a book that was more a general look how great the software he created was – which is great software and revolutionized the industry, but more so in the big cooperate type restaurants.

As the book starts out, “if you’re holding this book, chances are good that you love dining out and are passionate about food.” You really need to be a foodie, restaurant owner, or a restaurant manager to enjoy this book. It’s a good read for behind-the-scene look in to the restaurant industry that covers data, scams, and metrics. There were fascinating parts here and there, but overall, eh.

I was given a copy of THE UNDERGROUND CULINARY TOUR: How the New Metrics of Today’s Top Restaurants are Transforming How America Eats by Damian Mogavero and Joseph D’Agnese in exchange for an honest review.


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