Creole Roasted Turkey and Holy Trinity Stuffing with the Pope and the Hot Nun

Creole Roasted Turkey with Holy Trinity Stuffing br!The title is a mouthful. The flavor is amazing. This recipe has been my favorite way to serve turkey. It’s not the typical butter and herbs flavored bird, this is jazzed up with the flavors of New Orleans with some Creole ingredients that you’ll find in plenty of recipes in the Big Easy – like the Holy Trinity (onions, bell peppers, and celery), the Pope (garlic), and what I call the ‘Hot Nun’: pickled peppers.

The trinity, the pope, and the hot nun walk into a bar… just kidding. They make up the stuffing that gives this jazz turkey some bite back. Now, the longer you let this stuffing sit, the hotter it gets. And I’m sure that your family will love the added depth of flavor that this turkey has and they’ll start requesting it each year like my family has.

To show you how popular this recipe is, well, I’m probably more known for the Forgotten Once Jambalaya recipe. That crock pot recipe has been shared all over the world and pinned like crazy. Well, in 2014 I submitted this Creole Roasted Turkey recipe to the food magazine Taste of Home for its annual Thanksgiving recipe contest, and it finished in 2nd place! 2nd place! The editor even wrote me an email congratulating me and letting me know that she absolutely loved the recipe and choose it to make for her family at home. Now that’s some major kudos there.

If you save you’re Taste of Home magazines, this is the issue (Thanksgiving 2015) and the wonderful photo they took of the turkey after they made it:

Red Beans & Eric's CREOLE ROASTED TURKEY recipe inside of Taste of Home magazine! Red Beans & Eric's CREOLE ROASTED TURKEY recipe inside of Taste of Home magazine!

I hope you enjoy this Creole Roasted Turkey recipe. If you decide to make it for your family this year, please let me know by leaving a comment below and sharing it with your family and friends on social media – don’t forget to tag me on it, I’d love to see the pictures!


1 turkey, 14-16 lbs
2 sticks of butter, softened
3-4 tbsp Creole seasoning
1 large onion, cut to 1-inch pieces
1 green bell pepper, cut to 1-inch pieces
2 celery sticks, chopped
10 pickled peppers
3 garlic cloves, minced

Preheat oven at 400°.

Cut the vegetables to 1-inch pieces and mix with garlic and pickled peppers; set aside.

After removing the necks, gizzards and liver from the turkey, rinse the turkey under cold water then pat dry.

Spread the softened butter over the entire turkey. Rub the Creole seasoning over the body of the turkey and shake some in the cavity.

Place the turkey breast side up in a roasting pan. Place the vegetable stuffing mixture in the cavity of the turkey.

Bake in the oven for 20 minutes. Lower the oven temp to 350° and roast for an additional 3 1/2 hours, or until the juices run clear.

Remove from oven and let the turkey sit for 10 minutes before doing anything to it.

Remove the turkey from the pan and carve.

Serve with stuffing vegetables and with the pan juices as a side. Enjoy!

(Notes: You can cut the vegetables the night before and combine them with the garlic and pickled peppers for a hotter stuffing. The longer it sits together and the flavors meld, the hotter it gets.)

Creole Roasted Turkey with Holy Trinity Stuffing br!

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