COOKBOOK REVIEW: BIG BAD BREAKFAST by John Currence from!Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet it is often times the boringest meal – cereal, toast with jelly, WASA bread with peanut butter, a banana, or a simply 3-egg omelette. It shouldn’t be that way, and John Currence wrote a cookbook that’s considered ‘the most important book of the day’: BIG BAD BREAKFAST.

Within Big Bad Breakfast, you’ll find over 125 recipes that will inspire you to make the best meal of the day your first meal of the day. And these recipes are amazing! Currence is a recipient of the James Beard Award for the Best Chef: South; has won the Guardian of the Tradition Award from the Southern Foodways Alliance; has appeared on No Reservations, Mind of a Chef, and Top Chef Masters. He is also the owner of City Grocery Restaurant Group that owns Nacho Mama’s, Big Bad Breakfast, and Snackbar – which are in Mississippi. He has taken breakfast and infused it with his Southern-style and created a remarkable cookbook.

Besides the humorous stories that Currence has shared, you’ll find chapters on The Welcome Basket (all the rolls, doughnut, muffin, and bread recipes you’ll ever need); The Incredible, Edible, Omnipresent Egg; Omelets and Frittatas; Pancakes, Waffles, Crepes, and other things ‘bready’; BFO: Breakfast For Dinner; Cereals, Grains, and other Pseudo-Virtuous Things; Breakfast Sandwiches; Sides, Condiments, Meats, and Extras; Eye-Openers (things like Bloody Mary’s, eggnog, milk shakes, and cocktails).

There are so many great recipes in the cookbook that you’ll be cooking out of this book for not only breakfast, but also lunch and dinner. I love the ‘egg’ and the ‘omelet’ chapters. You can’t go wrong with the Creole Skillet Scramble or the Big Bad Breakfast Quesadilla. If you love breakfast as much as I do, you’ll plenty of recipes to cook from in the book – I think I’ve bookmarked most of the recipes in it.

Some of the highlights, besides the recipes, are the great photographs throughout the book and the stories that Currence shares. One of the funniest, which is sad for him I guess, is in the blurb for the Big Bad Breakfast Quesadilla when he mentions, “I was introduced to the beauty of the quesadilla by a girlfriend who did a particularly shitty number on my heart… the breakup was particularly painful, but at least I pulled the recipe for making a quesadilla from the wreckage. Tortilla consumption helped me through the brief healing process.

I was given a copy of BIG BAD BREAKFAST by John Currence in exchange for an honest review. And honestly, it has been one of my favorite cookbooks of the year. There are so many recipes to cook from it along with great stories to read. For any breakfast lover, or someone who wants to change things up for dinner, this book is a must-have.


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